For the safety of your dog, we require your dog to be on a leash!

If you forget to bring a leash with you, we are happy to provide one. Please ask for one from a
receptionist before bringing your dog into the hospital. If you are concerned about your dog’s
actions towards others, a muzzle is suggested. Muzzling is not harmful to your dog and takes
away the opportunity for your dog to behave unexpectedly. It is much safer for you and all

For the safety of your cat, we appreciate your cat being in a secure carrier!

Transporting cats is often a challenge. You should place a cat into a secure container. The ideal is a kennel or carrier made for transporting animals. It is important the cat is not able to roam your vehicle. Your cat might jump out of the vehicle when you open the door. Even if your cat travels well, you do not know what other animals will be in the reception area of our hospital when you arrive. Carrying your cat into the hospital without a carrier might result in the cat suddenly jumping out of your arms and getting injured.

Cat carriers are available to be borrowed at NO CHARGE at our front desk – please ask! Or if you prefer, a temporary carrier can be purchased.

Thank you for sharing our concern for your dogs and cats.