Pet Microchipping



Protecting the bond between pets & owners.

You can find story after story in newsletters published by rescue groups and shelters telling about lost pets being reunited with their owners because the pet had a microchip. Arrowhead Animal Hospital,P.C. uses a microchip manufactured by Datamars, the world leader in microchip production and registration. The microchip is a permanent pet identification that links your pet to you. It is about the size of a grain of white rice and is implanted under your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. This system is much more reliable than collar tags and invisible fencing. Look for stories on their web site:

We recommend all pets be implanted with a microchip. Please call to schedule your pet for a microchip. We recommend you have your puppy or kitten implanted with a microchip when he or she comes in for spaying or neutering.

Please remember: Only 30% of pets that go missing every year ever come home. Please don’t let that happen to you and your pet. Protect your pet with PetLink. Creating permanent bonds between owners and pets.

What to expect when you have your pet implanted with a microchip at Arrowhead Animal Hospital, P.C.:

  • Your pet is implanted with the PetLink microchip.
  • You are given your pet’s unique PetLink ID number.
  • Arrowhead Animal Hospital, P.C. will register your pet at no additional cost.
  • You will be provided free 24/7 support for your pet and for you.

Toll Free 1-877-PETLINK (1-877-738-5465)

Picture of actual HomeAgain Microchip compared to a dime. Only 30% of pets that go missing every year ever come home.